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Tsarina's Crown


High seas adventures. Russian vistas. Royal intrigue. Political exposé. The stuff of which spies are made. Fast-paced, WWI historical drama from the North Sea to the Russian revolution. Full of action and intrigue. And just a little romance.

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In the novel Tsarina’s Crown: The Nightingale and Sparrow Chronicles Book 1 by Jerena Tobiasen, readers are immersed in the tense atmosphere of 1915 Russia through the eyes of Simon Temple, a young naval officer. Relocating from his original post aboard the RMS Guardian in the North Sea, Simon is dispatched on a confidential task by King George. Expected to take merely a few months, Simon's covert duties draw him deep into the labyrinth of Russian politics and the dangers of royal conspiracies, extending his stay to three years. As the turmoil of the Russian revolution heightens, endangering his identity and life, Simon plans a desperate exit, further complicated by the unplanned company of two other individuals.

Tsarina's Crown by Jerena Tobiasen is a spectacular historical saga that seamlessly blends thrilling espionage with riveting political drama. Tobiasen offers an almost cinematic portrayal of settings alongside heightened international politics. I thought Simon's spycraft was believable but, as someone who is the king of a monarchy nerd, it was court intrigue, the harsh realities of war, and the palpable suspense of espionage that did it for me. The Russian Revolution is such a timely, full-circle moment that is relatable in some ways to what the world is witnessing today, and the character development connects readers to a foreign conflict from our armchairs. Simon's growth and the mounting tensions kept the pace at a clip and set the series up for the next installment in The Nightingale and Sparrow Chronicles. Very highly recommended.

-Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite



I really enjoyed reading The Prophecy saga and have been looking forward to the author's next book.  Tsarina's Crown, the first book of The Nightingale and Sparrow Chronicles, did not disappoint me.  I look forward to the next adventure!

-Barb M, Vancouver

Yet again, a wonderful read from author Jerena Tobiasen. Hard to put down! The story takes place in the early decades of the 1900s and it took me on a moving journey as I watched scenes unfold involving a clever spy, British involvement to intercept Russian thwarts against the tsar and tsarina, and a touching story of respect, honour and deeply felt love. I enjoy learning as I read novels and this author has a way of subtle teaching. Loved it!

-J. Ritchey, Calgary

Tsarina’s Crown, Book 1 of The Nightingale and Sparrow Chronicles - It is early in World War I and Simon Nightingale-Temple, a young naval officer, born to privilege and aristocracy, is on board a British Royal Navy ship patrolling for suspicious maritime activity and communications. Injured in an incident, he travels to Petrograd while convalescing to serve as an advisor to the British Embassy. He finds himself also working undercover to obtain enemy intelligence in aid of the British and allied war efforts and to protect his childhood friends, the Romanov family, in the waning radiance of the Romanov dynasty. He lends support to the royal family in their darkest days, and with one bright and unexpected triumph leads this anxious reader to wish Book 2 is available now. 

-Rosemary, Vancouver

"It’s 1915 and Sublieutenant Simon Nightingale-Temple, on board the RMS Guardian, is on patrol in the North Atlantic. In the course of his duties, he is forced to abandon his naval role and accept an assignment in Petrograd where he will renew his previous acquaintances with the Tzar’s family, while following the movements of several undesirable Russian politicians! What is to be the outcome of this unrest surrounding Russia’s turn to revolution?

Author Tobiasen, in her usual fashion of in-depth historical research as displayed in The Prophecy, takes on another adventure at the turn of the nineteenth century intrigue with inner glimpses of royal living - an excellent read!"

-Henry Fast, Retired Educator

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